my insurance company just tacked on $200 to each prescription I’m on.

I have a chronic condition which, at this point, is not manageable without my medication

so I called my insurance company and asked if they were trying to kill me

I had a dream last night that I was watching someone torture someone else by drilling big holes in their head and sticking boiling hotdogs in the holes ok happy finals week

4/20 time to get wrecked and write two papers and finish a portfolio because college



i was a believer in the bar-back, baby 
i was a believer in Rome
if she’s not coming over lately
i was gonna go back home
i was gonna go back home

0Historic Preservation Series 3 by lauren nassef on Flickr.
0Quote The Raven by jimworthy on Flickr.

wish i was obliterated rn 

what the living fuck like seriously

4coco sketchbook. by Clare Owen Illustration on Flickr.