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"COWBOY COFFEE" by Sarah Vandervennet via Electric Cereal

I am so stressed for no reason right now 

think I might puke on my cat by accident sorry Harry

3Home from the bar. Johnny let me borrow his flannel so that was nice. 
This week I’m “babysitting” my cat Harry so we’re gonna spend some quality time together. 
Anyway goodnight.

why are 20 somethings so obsessed with having their life figured out, like if you wanna work a 9-to-5 office job in corporate wonderland and climb the ladder to CEO-hood then good on you but like waitressing tips aren’t half bad and I work with people who literally bust ass day in and day out and I still get to drink beer everyday so 

I Will Follow You Into the Dark is the shittiest death cab song i hate it so fucking much god I get like angry about it 

"i’m not gonna be the first verse
in the song about how you found yourself."
written by my friend marshall made a magazine called the misanthropy happen and i am in the first issue! this is from a poem called visualizing success. (via outsidewarmafghans)

(via electric-cereal)