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I just saw a giant (as big as my hand) mass crawl under my doorway I have no idea what it was it was just a giant black mass what the fuck is happening am i seriously going fucking batshit crazy because i’m going to F R E A K O U T

world’s biggest shit head

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written by it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

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5goin to the pool this is my beach towel

So two days ago I was talking to amelia about how bad energy and shit fucking follows me everywhere since I did the ouija board when I was younger and since two days ago I have had my credit card/identity stolen, a deer came out of nowhere and fucked up my friends car while I was in it, and this huge wooden kaleidoscope just slid off the top of my desk unprovoked and almost knocked me out. 

call it what you want but I’m burning sage tomorrow

~*someone stole my debit card information*~